Newsletter December 2016

BELAIR Newsletter
December 2016
BELAIR Survey & Workshop 2016
In October 2016 a BELAIR survey was organised to gather feedback from the participants in the BELAIR 2015 campaign. The survey showed that BELAIR participants are mostly interested in using BELAIR data for thematic research and less for cal/val purposes. BELAIR data are/were used by 6 PhD students and 12 MSc students from various Belgian universities. More survey results were presented at the BELAIR 2016 workshop, organised in Bruges on November 8, 2016 by BELSPO and VITO.
During this workshop experts from ESA and GFZ Potsdam were invited to evaluate the work performed in BELAIR 2015 and to provide recommendations for the future. Most of the 60 attendees were researchers, PhD students and MSc students from Belgian universities and research organisations already involved in BELAIR, but we also welcomed new potential participants from Belgium, the Netherlands and France.
The morning session focussed on the BELAIR 2015 results from the HESBANIA, LITORA and SONIA site. In addition keynote presentations were given by Ferran Gascon (ESA) on Sentinel-2 products data quality and by Daniel Spengler (GFZ Potsdam) on DEMMIN. CSL presented the ESA-funded BELSAR 2017 campaign planned at HESBANIA.
For more feedback on the workshop and the presentations, please visit the BELAIR website.
Individual institutes interested in performing measurements at a BELAIR subsite during the BELAIR 2017 campaign will be invited in December by BELSPO to submit an Declaration of Interest (DOI). If applicable they should clearly describe their scientific interest in participating in the BELAIR-BELSAR 2017 campaign at the HESBANIA site and a potential joint BELAIR-HYPLANT 2017 campaign.
International collaboration in support of e.g. Sentinel, FLEX, EnMAP missions is encouraged as well as using continuous measurements (e.g. LAI, fAPAR, …) for validation purposes.
The use of permanent measurements made at the Lonzée ICOS observatory which is covered by the HESBANIA site has great potential and needs to be further exploited by the BELAIR HESBANIA users.
The installation of a sun photometer and field spectroradiometer for permanent measurements of aerosol optical thickness, water vapour concentration and reflectance at a BELAIR site will be investigated by VITO and BELSPO.
Below you can find initiatives related to the BELAIR project which are scheduled in 2017.
> December 2016:
Invitation to submit DOI (open to everybody)
> 20 January 2017:
Deadline for submission of DOI
> January - February 2017:
BELAIR 2017 Kick-Off
> March 2017:
Contracts signed
> June - July 2017:
BELAIR 2017 Campaigns
The BELAIR 2013 data (i.e. in situ data, UAV and APEX data) can be accessed after registration through the BELAIR geoportal.
By making the BELAIR 2013 data publicly available, we hope to encourage the further use of BELAIR 2013 data by students for their MSc and PhD theses, by universities and research organizations for research projects (BELSPO Stereo III, ESA, H2020, …) not only by Belgian but also by international researchers for thematic research and for calibration and validation purposes.