BELAIR2014 data acquisition


The BELAIR2014 campaign was limited to in-situ, UAV and satellite data acquisition.

In-situ data, UAV and satellite images were acquired by the HESBANIA, LITORA teams in May-September 2014 in support of the BELSPO-funded Dronesed and iPOT project (SR/67/311 and SR/00/312).


BELAIR2014 data policy  


Satellite data purchased by BELSPO (Pléiades, ASTER, DMC, ...) remain property of BELSPO.


Airborne UAV (RGB, Multispectral and/or Red-edge) imagery acquired over HESBANIA, LITORA and in-situ data are released stepwise, depending on user type:

·         All Remote Sensing (RS) data immediately and free-of-charge available to all participating Users. In-situ field data available upon request to the owner of the data, i.e. to the lab which actually acquired the field data

·         Two years after delivery of the UAV data to the PI, all BELAIR data available to the entire international Scientific Community.

For BELAIR 2014 data requests, contact the BELAIR2014 coordinator ( and BELAIR2014 HESBANIA PI (, LITORA PI (, respectively.


All dissemination activities of BELAIR2014 results and data should mention the following sentence “The research pertaining to these results received financial aid by the Belgian Science Policy Office in the frame of the STEREO III programme – subsidy number SR/67/316 (BELAIR2014 iPot-Dronesed) and SR/67/311 (DRONESED) and IPOT (SR/00/312)