BELAIR responds to BELSPO’s STEREO II and III component scientific support to “develop Belgian test sites, for which targeted EO data and other measurement results are collected, on behalf of the Belgian and international research communities, and which may be used as calibration and validation sites for new EO missions, data and products”.




 “The research pertaining to these results received financial aid by the Belgian Science Policy Office in the frame of the STEREO II programme – subsidy number SR/67/167 (BELAIR2013) and SR/XX/168 (BELAIR HESBANIA) / SR/XX/169 (BELAIR LITORA) / SR/XX/170 (BELAIR SONIA) and the STEREO III programme – subsidy number SR/67/316 (BELAIR2014 ipot-Dronesed), SR/67/311 (DRONESED), IPOT (SR/00/312), SR/67/330 (BELAIR2015), SR/67/331a, b, c, d, e and f (BELAIR HESBANIA), SR/67/332a, b and c (BELAIR LITORA) and SR/03/333 (BELAIR SONIA)”